Are you struggling to achieve your Goals?


Welcome Friends to Episode 6 of The Mastering Your Wellness Podcast.

Hands up if you need help achieving your goals?!

If you’re like me you have LOTS of things you want to make happen in your life.

Problem is, when you want to achieve SO many things at once it can sometimes start to feel a little bit overwhelming.

You start procrastinating, the snooze button becomes more tempting and all of a sudden you’re smack bang in the middle of a 5 episode Netflix binge.

Sound Familiar?

Well, you’re in luck. In this week’s episode I spoke to the KING of Goal-Setting, Motivational Speaker and Personal Development Extraordinaire, Mr Gerry Duffy.


Gerry Duffy Quote Mastering Your Wellness Podcast

Overcoming Obstacles


Gerry is an expert at coaching people on how to achieve their goals.

I watched him speak at an event a couple of months ago and was so impressed  with the strategies he used to help people reach their goals, and I knew I had to speak to him on the show. 

So, If you’re struggling to get started on a goal, have lost your mojo, or you simply want to get a head start before the New Year I promise you’re going to enjoy the conversation.

You can pick up a copy of Gerry’s Book here 


Gerry Duffy Goal Getter Book speaking on Mastering your Wellness Podcast


You can also pick up tickets for his 1 day seminar Momentum 2019 here


 Momentum 2019 Gerry Duffy speaking on Mastering your Wellness Podcast

Key Takeaways


  • Sometimes we set the bar too high , and when we don’t achieve it we look at it as a failure. I always say undersell and over perform. Instead of promising yourself you will exercise 6 times per week commit yourself to 2 sessions, that way when you exercise 3 times you will feel like a winner!


  • The brain is a muscle and you have to exercise it. Like how we exercise our bodies, If we want to have a stronger mindset we have to exercise that muscle. One way to work that muscle is by writing down what you’re grateful for or what you want to achieve.By writing down your intentions you are making your brain consciously aware of what you want it to focus on


  • Life rewards effort. The more you’re willing to ask of life the more it gives you back in return.


  • Confidence comes from doing. If you want to become a more confident swimmer the only way you’ll do it is by getting your toes wet.

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As you can probably tell I absolutely loved talking to Gerry and got so much from our chat and I hope you did too!

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