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Hi Guys and welcome to episode 19 of the Mastering your Wellness podcast.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me again today for this week’s episode!

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My guest on the show today is Karen Dwyer.

Karen is a coach, speaker and creator of  the MS to success programme and the gratitude attitude journal. Today’s episode was quite a personal one for me.

Some of you may know and some of you might not know but I was diagnosed with MS about 2 years ago.

MS is an autoimmune disease that can affect your brain and spinal chord- basically its when you’re immune system attacks the protective sheath around your nerves and causes damage.

It can lead to vision problems, mobility issues, problems with your speech- the symptoms are different for everyone.

My guest Karen was also diagnosed with MS in her early thirties and after years of unsuccessfully using medication to treat her condition decided to try a different route and focus on using meditation, mindfulness , gratitude, health eating and exercise and incredibly she is now living symptom free. 

This podcast is not just about MS – Karen has led an incredibly interesting life up until now and has overcome many struggles including being kicked out of a company she help start when she was only 23, to suffering with suicidal thoughts and battling with imposter syndrome.

This episode is really about the amazing things that can happen when you start to believe in yourself and stop listening to the negative inner voice within.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Karen Dwyer!