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Want a better relationship with your phone?


Welcome Friends to Episode 4 of the Mastering Your Wellness Podcast.

I’m so thrilled with the feedback on the podcast so far and I know you’re going to love the conversation with Catherine Price, Author of ‘How to Break up with your Phone’.Let’s face it, the majority of us spend waaaayyyy too much time on our phones.

We wake up together, go to sleep together, watch tv together  – we even go to the bathroom together (admit it you know you do it) 

This year I knew my phone use was getting out of hand.

I couldn’t get through an entire 3 minute  ad break without checking my phone. I got distracted halfway through reading a chapter in a book.


Something had to give or my mind was going to turn to mush.

After reading Catherine’s book I knew I had to speak to her on the show.

During the conversation Catherine explained why our phones are so addictive, and outlined some simple strategies designed to help you  take control of your life without giving up on your favourite friend completely!

Buy a copy of Catherine’s book ‘How to Break up with your Phone’ on Amazon and download some of her  FREE resources HERE.


5 key takeaways from the Episode:


 1. Our current relationships with our phones are designed by app makers.

Stop beating yourself up and instead step back and decide if this is how YOU want to be interacting with your phone.


2.  Learn how to make your Phone Homepage work for you.

Keep the stuff that you really need like your Calendar & Google maps and minimise the stuff that ‘s making you feel bad or wasting your time.

If Instagram is sucking your time, move it to a folder where you can’t see it or delete it completely and check it via Desktop. 


3. On average we are spending roughly 4 hours per day on our phones.

Imagine if you spent 4 hours every day doing something like learning a language or playing the Piano?

Can you imagine how quickly you would become an expert? Ask yourself if your time on your phone is productive and helping you achieve your goals?


4. Put your phone to bed in the evening. My tip is to charge it in the closet.

I can still use it if somebody calls me or check something if I really need to but i’m not going to get caught in a ‘phone spiral or social media black hole’ standing up in my wardrobe!


5. Our phones are designed to appeal the primitive parts of our brains.

In cave man times we always had to remain alert to a potential danger hiding in the bushes, therefore we could not afford to focus on only one thing for fear of being eaten.

This primitive part of our brain loves distraction and our phone is a great source of distraction.


Some of the resources Catherine has created to help you have a better relationship with your phone are below.

Have you tried them?

Well I hope you enjoyed the episode!

Let me know if you’ve read the book and what one change you’re making to have a better relationship with your phone.

My one thing is to get myself an alarm clock and charge my phone outside of my bedroom. Let me know what your doing!

Also if you’re liking the podcast do subscribe and leave a review or if you have any suggestions for guests/topics – would love to hear from you!


Until next time ,

Take care

Jayann x