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Mastering Your Wellness
The Podcast

Join Jayann Walsh and special guests for weekly chats and inspiring stories on success, achieving goals, mindset and motivation.

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About Me

After being diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in March 2017 I made the conscious decision to focus my energy on improving my overall wellness. For anyone who has been diagnosed with a long term illness you know it’s a scary place to find yourself in. I knew I couldn’t control when, or if  I would have another relapse and instead took the steps to become the healthiest version of me possible.

I started walking, lost some weight, took up yoga and began reading tons of  books on personal development, motivation, mindset and achieving goals.

This is where the idea for the ‘Mastering Your Wellness’ Podcast was born.

I was inspired by the quality of content I was reading and knew if it had this profound impact on me then it would absolutely have an impact on others, particularly if they were going through a difficult or stressful time.

That soon led me to here.

Rather than start a blog or youtube channel I decided to go back to my radio roots (I worked as a researcher/reporter for LMFM radio for 4 years) and start a podcast. Anyone who knows me personally will know how much I love to talk, plus personal development and learning from others is my ‘thing’.

Every episodes will feature a special guest who I believe has an important story to tell or message to share.  Every single one of us has the potential to grow, learn and live the life that we truly desire. I hope that this podcast will help both you and I achieve just that.

Throughout the series I’ll be covering lots of topics including goal setting, mindset, meditation, stress, anxiety, FOMO, sleep, social media and so much more

I hope you will join me and my wonderful guests on the Mastering Your Wellness Journey




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Podcast Guests

I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to chat to so many wonderful and inspirational thought leaders in the health and wellness world. I learned so much from each and everyone and hope you will too.

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